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Tracy of Sweden AB (559024-9149) is an actor in the wood industry, one of Sweden’s and the world’s most important basic industries. As with all industrial activities, it is important to ensure quality, not least by having good traceability of material flows.

With the emerging awareness of both the new generation of investors and entrepreneurs and of the world citizens, about the need for our common planet’s long-term sustainable circular economy, transparent traceability becomes crucial to maintaining confidence in certifications.

Tracy of Sweden brings to the market a technology that ensures complete and transparent traceability and that has been in demand by the market for a long time. A complete traceability from finished wood product back to the stump.

We at Tracy of Sweden care about your personal privacy and strive to always protect your personal data in the best way for you to feel safe. Tracy of Sweden’s privacy Policy is in accordance with the GDPR which entered into force on 25th of May 2018. How your personal data is processed by Tracy of Sweden as a company and Data Controller will be explained in this policy.

This privacy policy applies to you as a prospective, current and former customer. Within Tracy of Sweden we also process personal data in our relationships with stakeholders and for our internal operations. By agreeing to this privacy policy, you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the following.

When is Personal Data processed by Tracy of Sweden?

Any action taken with personal data constitutes a treatment. That is, when you visit our website, perform projects together with Tracy of Sweden, or when you are in other ways in contact with us.

When you are entering into a contract or have an agreement with Tracy of Sweden, we process your personal data. Tracy of Sweden relies primarily on four legal bases in the processing of personal data; “Consent”, “Contract”, “Weighing of Interests” and “Legal Obligation”. In cases where Tracy of Sweden processes personal data on behalf of the customer, a “Personal Data Processing Agreements” will be established.

When you are in other ways in contact with us, we process your personal data that you convey to Tracy of Sweden.

Tracy of Sweden may also check personal data against credit information services and company registers that Tracy of Sweden needs to ensure that customer relationship can be initiated, and that payment can be made.

In order to keep the personal data up to date, Tracy of Sweden may complement them by collecting data from private and public registers, such as updating of address data by means of the credit information company.

What Personal Data is processed by Tracy of Sweden?

A personal data is any type of information that can be linked to you as a (living) person whether it is directly or indirectly.

Personal data processed;

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Address (Invoice- and delivery address)

When you use our app, we only store i statistics on an overall level. Apart from the approximate location (IP address) and the above, Tracy of Sweden does not process sensitive personal data.

Third Party

If Tracy of Sweden receives an email where the third person is mentioned, we will inform the third person that we are processing personal data about them, except if, on the individual case, we make a weight-of-evidence assessment that the individual stake to contact the person and give the information is disproportionate to the importance of informing the person.

Tracy of Sweden does not sell personal data to third parties and will not do so without your consent. However, personal data can be provided to third parties in cases where the legal basis exists.

Why Tracy of Sweden processes Personal Data

We at Tracy of Sweden process your personal data for you to feel secure and to be able to fulfill our obligations towards you. We also process personal data in order to fulfill our legal obligations. This to be able to fulfill the company’s obligations under law such as regarding product safety, government decisions, accounting requirements or according tax law.

The personal data can also serve as a basis for Tracy of Sweden’s market and customer analyses, business and method development, and statistics and risk management. Tracy of Sweden may also, if direct mail blocking has not been requested, use the data for the following marketing purposes;

  • Newsletter
  • Invitations
  • Download Guides
  • Surveys
  • Information about our Offers

In order for Tracy of Sweden to offer you the best possible service when you are in contact with us, we also process personal data for the following areas;

  • Support
  • Administration
  • Business Relationships
  • Statistics
  • Invoicing

How long Tracy of Sweden stores Personal Data

Tracy of Sweden will store your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or as long as there is a customer relationship. Your personal data about you as a customer will continue to be stored despite termination of the contract in order to both follow up and contact you again. You become a prospective customer until you object to our process of personal data.

We process and store your personal data;

  • As long as we have a consent on your part.
  • As long as it is required to fulfill the purpose of the processing.
  • As long as we are required to do this (for example, accounting, 7 years).

Afterwards your personal data will be erased. Deletion of personal data is carried out followed by Tracy of Sweden’s screening plan in both digital and paper-bound information management.

During the period of Tracy of Sweden processing your personal data, we will protect your personal data. Our security systems are developed with your privacy in focus and to protect in a very high degree against intrusion, destruction and other changes that may pose a risk to your privacy.

Your rights

You have the right to request the following;

  • A Register Statement of what data we process at Tracy of Sweden about you as a person
  • To correct/delete your personal data
  • Not to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes
  • Not to use your personal data in automated decision-making and profiling
  • The ability to move your personal data (Data Portability)

It is important to know that changes may be made unless they form a necessary part of a decision basis or are otherwise necessary to enable Tracy of Sweden to fulfill its legal obligations.

Contact Tracy of Sweden as the Data Controller for more information or to correct your personal data.

Contact information:
0046 70-555 46 09
Tracy of Sweden AB
Bösebo 13
570 80 Virserum, Sweden