Paradigm shift for the global forest industry!

Tracy Forestry™ digitize the entire forest flow

We identify and trace the origin
of each individual log from the forests of the world!

Through our high-tech innovation Tracy Forestry™ we can now digitize the entire forest flow with
the unique harvested log as information carrier; from its stump all the way to the consumer.

Tracy of Sweden has developed two innovative global products – Tracy Man™ and Tracy Aut™ based on technological excellence
for complete traceability of the forest flow, from the individual stump all the way to the end customer.

This is technical competence the market has long sought for.

The products cover both the industrial needs of increased efficiency and profitability for the
modern long-term sustainable forestry and the need to take control and stop the devastation of the rainforests. According to Interpol, the value of the illegal logging amounts to USD 100 billion per year.


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