Tracy Forestry™

Our innovation is a developed high technology, a global business system – Tracy Forestry ™ – based on digitization of the entire forest flow; at log level from stump to industry and all the way to consumer. Our technology is based on deep forestry expertise and experience, solid research on materials, machine design and mathematics, image analysis based on algorithms originally developed by the Swedish defense industry and further developed and patented for log recognition by us.

Each log is registered at the time of felling through a photo of the log’s average surface and is given a geoposition for its origin; felling site / stump. The information is sent for processing and storage in our cloud service developed for us by IBM. The cloud-stored individual log can then be re-recognized throughout the process from its stump via transportation, customs, sawmills to boards and planks to consumers’ choices for their purchases.

Where we stand today, with a unique, new technology, where patents exist and with a market that demands our products, the following can be mentioned as relevant to Tracy’s innovation:

Där vi står idag, med en unik, ny teknologi, där patenten finns och med en marknad som efterfrågar vår produkt, kan följande nämnas som relevans för Tracys innovation:

  • World-class algorithm with development base in the Swedish defense industry and SAAB’s spearhead technology.
  • Patented technology, method, process for digitization of the forest flow from the individual log to the end customer.
  • Innovative and value-accelerating product portfolio that the market has demanded for a long time and with rapidly and sharply increasing customer value.
  • High security; the traceability system is not manipulable and has IBM’s highest security class against data intrusion.
  • Developed, globally accessible cloud service for analysis and storage of information including metadata.
  • Technical breakthrough for the delivery of genuine traceability in accordance with current requirements from the EU Timber Regulation, FSC and PEFC.
  • Provides the world stakeholders in Agenda 2030 a tool to go from word to deed through our high-tech method and information system for verification of long-term sustainable forestry.
  • Gold winner of SkogsElmia Innovation Award 2019 for best forest industry innovation.

The safety aspect has been governing in our development work. Our technology is virtually impossible to counterfeit or tamper with and has the highest security rating through IBM’s security system. And it is impossible for the human eye to see if a log is origin marked or not. As a consequence, we can guarantee the origin of the wood that runs through our system.