Our new share issue quickly yielded results in the form of further competence enhancement in international top management as well as capital building for Svensk Skogsdata’s cloud services!

Today, Wednesday, December 20, 2017, IBM has signed an agreement for the development of business systems and cloud services for image analysis and full traceability of wood and pulpwood at individual level.

A large specialist team is now formed within IBM to start January 22, 2018 to create the “forest google”.

We would like to thank BizMaker / Forest Business Accelerator, who brought us together with IBM and who chose Svensk Skogsdata AB and CEO Jonny Edvardsson for the professional development program!

Photo: Chairman, Svensk Skogsdata,  Jan Erik Rendahl (right) and our contact person at IBM, Kenth Juthberg at today’s agreement meeting.