Collaboration for sustainable forest management.

“The artists and photographers Mattias and Iris Alexandrov Klum have now officially joined troops with the worlds first company spearheading wood related traceability internationally – Tracy of Sweden.

The company Tracy of Sweden, works both in the realm of forest industry as well as on the community and consumer level to enable a crucial paradigm shift when it comes to traceability of wood and wood related products. New innovations secure traceability from growth to refined products. These new techniques enable new, more effective certifying models for sustainable forestry. Tracy of Sweden also works for increased protection against illegal logging, and is spearheading new innovative processes that also enables protection and conservation of the biodiversity and safeguards the resilience of forests.

The goal is to manage and protect forests in collaboration between economic, ecological and social interests. By using new innovations, Tracy of Sweden create frame works for a more sustainable forest industry and furthermore tackle threats such as forest degredation and illegal trade in timber.

Alexandrov Klum are ambassadors for Tracy of Sweden. Together they want to inspire positive change through awareness raising projects and dialogues.

Managing forests in a responsible manner is essential for a prospering planet for man and nature. We believe that Tracy of Sweden, with it’s unique innovations and technical solutions, can contribute to a necessary paradigm shift in the forest industry internationally. We look forward to beeing part of this important journey that strives toward responsible use and protection of the world’s forests.”

Iris & Mattias Alexandrov Klum