The concept

Our concept Tracy Forestry™ is a revolutionary technology for origin labeling and traceability.

We are the first in the world to have digitalized the entire forest flow from the individual stump and log to the final customer.

Through our digitization of the forest flow, we increase and quality assure the entire forest value chain. We offer the trade of forest raw material a method that increases the margins throughout the value chain and contributes neutrally and objectively to full accuracy regarding origin, quality and volume!

Our technology – Tracy Forestry™ – is founded on solid research; image analysis based on algorithms originally developed by the Swedish defense industry and further developed by us.

Every single log is identified by an image, a “finger print” and by its coordinates. When cutting a tree, the section surface is unique, the same way as your fingerprint is unique.

The information is transferred via GMS and data processing in cloud service. The feedback is given to mobile or computer or other system in real time. The reidentification of the individual log – the control so to say – is executed through matching parts.

Tracy Forestry™ is a comprehensive global business system, based on digitalizing the forest flow were the true origin of each individual log is identified and traceable from the original site in the forest and all the way to the final customer.

The security aspect has guided our development work. Our technology is impossible to counterfeit or manipulate, and it has the highest security rating through IBM´s security system. And it is impossible to see with your eyes if a log is “marked” or not.
As a consequence, as to the timber going through our system, we can guarantee its place of origin. Our technology – Tracy Forestry™ – is therefore not least an effective tool for combatting illegal logging and trade with stolen and devastated forests. We are convinced that a large majority of consumers – in e.g. the EU, US and Canada – prefer, by far, to consume goods deriving from timber coming from sustainable forest management, rather than to consume goods coming from timber that was illegally logged.

A global sustainable forestry directly, or indirectly, affects a majority of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which is a strong motivation for us. Our technology works according to the requirements of the FSC, the PEFC and the EU-timber regulation.