The forest is the lung of the Earth.
The Earth's climate regulator.

Earth’s ...

... bio nursery

90% of life on land ...

... is found in the forests of the Earth.

The forests of the Earth maintain the balance of
oxygen in the atmosphere …

… cleans the air we breathe and participate
in the water cycles.

Viable forests that grow optimally, bind carbon
dioxide and generate oxygen into the atmosphere.

Replacing fossil-based products with products made
from forest raw materials is urgent!

Estimated half of the Earth's original forests have disappeared
and most have occurred in the last 50 years.(WWF)

Illegal logging and trade with stolen wood is one
of the biggest global environmental an climate threats.

“Estimated to a value of 100 bn dollars.”

David Higgins
Head of Interpol’s Enviromental Crime Programme

Legally or illegally logged?
Legally or illegally traded?

There was no efficient technical support to stop it!
No way to trace the individual logs!

Now there is!

Identifies and traces the origin
of each individual log
in manual harvesting.

Identifies and traces the origin
of each individual log
with harvester unit.

A technical breakthrough for long-term bioeconomic development.

Tracy Forestry™ - our technology for image analysis
based on algorithms developed for the Swedish defense industry.

Every single log is identified
by a digital “fingerprint” and by its coordinates.

Information transfer via GSM and data processing in cloud service.
Feedback to mobile/computer in real-time.


Our comprehensive global business system,
based on digitising the forest flow
Where the true origin of each log
is identified and traceable.

Tracy Forestry™

Complete traceability from the plantation site,
through sawmill, customs, police check,
forest industry, across national borders.

Tracy Forestry™

Traceability all the way to the customers choice.

Bioeconomy in practice

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