Our team

Jan Erik Rendahl

Chairman. Strategy and International Business Development. Founder.

Senior professor, PhD, is since 2011 mainly working as mentor to leaders in business, authorities and at government level. He is also a appreciated  visiting professor and lecturer  in Leadership and Organizational Design at Lund University.

As vice CEO President within ABB Group he developed the consultancy organization within ABB with focus on change management and process improvements. He held a position as Research Manager and Head of Division of Defence Analysis, Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI (2004-2010).  He has been researching for more than 30 years within the “Leadership and Organizational Design” field, has a doctor degree in psychology, Lund University.  He has been responsible for different types of higher education, for example Programme Director at the College of Technology in Dubai and for Nordic Russian Leadership Executive Training Program in St. Petersburg.

Jan Erik is the father of the RENDAHL MODEL that identifies, describes and explains our existential values.

Jonny Edvardsson

CEO. Forest and Product Development. Founder.

Jonny Edvardsson is CEO of Tracy of Sweden AB since the start in 2016. He hold great competence accumulated from his 30 years of experience and key positions within the forest industry. During his time at Bohmans Fanérfabrik AB, veneer factory, he was responsible for purchase of special timber on the global level. This gave him invaluable experiences in both international forestry and business logistics.

At Kärhs Golvtillverkning AB he was Purchasing Manager for the Northern European region. The interest in the individual tree’s traceability has engaged him since 1995 when he was the initiator and driving force for developing a computer program – 95 for log measurement of veneer logs.

At Sveaskog AB – before he gets into his entrepreneurship – with total responsibility for all the steps of the forestry process. He participated in development projects such as Prolog; a transport flow program. Here, the insight about the need and the enormous business potential of building up a “Forest’s Google / Spotify” was deepened.

Maria Rendahl

Press. Corporate Identity and Communication.

Catharina Ringborg

Catharina Ringborg

International business.

Vice Chair of the Stockholm based think tank Global Utmaning.

Entrepreneur, investor (wholly owned familly investment company), business angel. At present five portfolio investments as large shareholder: Solarus Sunpower BV, Holland, (solar based CHP), Tracy of Sweden AB, Sweden, (forest industrial innovation), Teraloop OY, Finland, (energy storage), SenseNode AB, Sweden, (energy optimization in industry), Sustainable Energy Angels AB, Sweden, (energy investment company).

Matts Lilja

IT and Technology.

Erland Forsström

Specialist Timber Accounting and Forest Flows.

Carl-Gösta Torstensson

Financial adviser

Marcus Bloom

Technique and design.